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as of June 30, 2021, "MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT" will expire. We hope that our safety app has been a valuable and helpful support to you wherever you have been in the world.
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MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT: Keeping you safe on your travels, a DR-WALTER service.

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT is a personal safety and early travel warning solution that provides real-time status on warnings, incidents, and localized security information wherever you are, including local SOS emergency numbers. MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT lets you alert your friends and family and give them a real-time trail of your movements when you are walking home in an unfamiliar environment.

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT is based on a groundbreaking positioning and warning information technology that makes MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT a valuable tool for leisure and business travelers. The technology automatically filters warnings and information such as dangerous environmental disasters, civil unrest, disease outbreaks and terrorist attacks for you, based on where you are in the world or where you are going. This means receiving relevant real-time warning information before anyone else, while avoiding spam information

The app keeps you and your loved ones safe and helps you to avoid threats and stay in touch wherever you are. Share your position, get local alerts and warnings, stay connected to your friends and family, and get automated local advice when arriving at a new destination.


  • Fast information: you and/or your loved ones get alerts and warnings before anyone else and may avoid safety threats, travel delays, fires, extreme weather such as tsunamis, flash floods, natural disasters, civil unrest, terrorism etc. when traveling
  • Peace of mind: allows you to follow the whereabouts of family or friends that are touring the world and them to follow you
  • In the know, on the go: local news in English, country general safety and trip advice, local SOS and emergency numbers; all automated based on real-time location

Battery disclaimer

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT relies on continued use of GPS running in the background which can dramatically decrease battery life. However, due to smart throttling of the GPS the impact is reduced to a minimum.

This product was developed and is powered by GWS (Global Warning System).

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