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The download and installation process has been broken down to an easy, step by step manual according to your device. Customers of DR-WALTER GmbH using an Apple device, please visit the iTunes Store for your safety app.

Step 1: iTunes Store

Visit the iTunes Store with your mobile device and select the app MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT by following the link.

Installation Step 1

Step 2: Loading and installation

By clicking the blue loading button the download process starts. This will be followed by an installation request.

Installation Step 1

Step 3: Terms of use

By accepting the terms of use you will be navigated further down the installation process.

Installation Step 3

Step 4: Enter enter your email address and password

Activate the app by entering your email address, the 12-digit password listed on your insurance confirmation and clicking 'Login'. You don't need to take care of capital letters or dashes. The system recognizes only letters. In case you have not received a password yet, you can generate a password with just a few clicks.

Installation Step 4

Step 5: Verification Code

An email with a 4-digit code is sent to the specified e-mail address. Enter this code and press 'verify'.

Installation Step 5

Step 6: Verification of your email address

After the verification of your email address you will be asked to press 'send' in order to activate your account.

Installation Step 6

Step 7: SMS Verification

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT asks you to send this pre-written sms for verification. At this point your mobile number will be registered so that you can be tracked in case of an emergency.

Installation Step 7

Step 8: Welcome to MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT

One more click on 'ok' and MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT is completely installed.

Installation Step 8

Step 9: Confirm necessary settings

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT will go through a few settings with you. The location service needs to be enabled for the app to work properly.

Installation Step 9

Step 10: Starting Screen

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT is ready to use. The starting screen shows you the automated location and gives you a chance to customize your settings.

Installation Step 10
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