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travel warning solution


Dear customers,
as of June 30, 2021, "MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT" will expire. We hope that our safety app has been a valuable and helpful support to you wherever you have been in the world.
Your DR-WALTER Team.


MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT, a service by DR-WALTER for its customers

Daily news confront us with new security risks in most parts of the world. Natural disasters, terrorism, social and political conflicts, epidemics, extreme weather challenge us on a regular basis. Emergency situations like these, as well as personal injury or health issues, usually arise with little notice and are impossible to plan upfront.

With MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT, DR-WALTER offers its clients an exclusive mobile-based warning, communication and tracking system which serves the growing need to protect and communicate with travelers around the globe.

MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT is an app providing real-time warnings, alerts and information as well as direct connection to local SOS emergency services. Wherever you are traveling in the world, the app uses positioning to identify your current location and sends local area alerts and security information. These and many more features make MY-SAFETY-ASSISTANT a valuable tool on the road.